Fantasy Sports Trophies wins largest contract in company history

I’m proud to announce that Fantasy Sports Trophies/ has won the largest contract in company history with Marlboro Township NJ.  The total contact is worth approximately $16,000 for 2013 with possible annual renewals for 2014 and 2015 making the potential total value of the contract $48,000.

“This is a great moment for  We’ve grown our internet-based business to become on of the strongest retailers on the net”, said Tom Harkins, President – Fantasy Sports Trophies.  “Now we are using our size to aggressively move into the regional side of the business, we plan on making bids for other large contacts in the region and beyond.”

2012 Fantasy Football Sleeper Rookie Picks

The guys over at are out with their sleeper rookie picks for the 2012 campaign.

They are in love with RG III. I call it the Cam Newton effect. I’ve been playing fantasy footaball for nearly 20 years and in that time almost all rookie QBs have been worthless. Cam Newton bucks that trand and now every rookie QB is qoing to be great, RG III, Luck etc. Don’t get sucked in! If RG III is there late, take him but don’t waist anything more than an ninth round pick on him.

Tradisionally rookie RB’s are the only rookies that are worth while. Trent Richardson CLE could be that guy in 2012.

The video is pretty qood. Take a look: