Sleeper QB Picks for Fantasy Football

The guys over at are out with their Sleeper QB picks.

I have to say that I like Eric’s picks better than Jim’s but putting Luck (IND) ahead of a lot of guys is a big mistake. Luck will struggle this year. I don’t care how NFL ready the scouts say he is. Does anyone remember the can’t miss talents of Heath Schuler an Ryan Leaf? If you want to be successful in fantasy football remember this quote, “make your RBs young and your QBs old”.

I like two QBs in the AFC West. Last year everyone was in love with Phillip Rivers (SD) and admittedly he had a bad year. But, he’s fallen out of the top 10 in most drafts and the San Diego office is still going to revolve around him.

My darker dark-horse is another AFC West QB, Carson Palmer (OAK). He numbers look terrible from last season but remember that he was traded mid-season and thrown into OAK’s staring line up. His numbers steadily improved over last season and I think he has some good targets to throw to.