TGI Beer Bottle Trophies!

Beer bottle trophies aren’t just for fantasy football anymore.  Boston Beer Company asked us to make a few for an upcoming bartender competition at TGI Fridays.  We’ve worked with Boston Beer before and several other brands.

fantasy football trophy, fantasy football trophies

Not just for fantasy football anymore!


More Funny Fantasy Football Trophies

Hey, Westchester Country Club Fantasy Football League!  Your trophies are done and they look awesome!

Fantasy Football Trophy

Nothing like the look of scratch engraving

Fantasy Football Trophy, Fantasy Football Trophies

Gold Flushy Fantasy Football Trophy and Li’l Vince Perennial Fantasy Football Trophy – great first/last combination!

Funny Fantasy Football Trophy

Funny Fantasy Football Trophy, Fantasy Football Trophy, Fantasy Football Trophies

Funny Fantasy Football Trophy – The Throne Award

Throne Award- Fantasy Football Trophy: Did someone flush their season with a bad trade or maybe your league champion deserves the best seat in the house.
Interior View: If used as a championship trophy, the Throne Award can handle year-after-year of championship names.

  • Made with a standard toilet seat
  • Seat Plague is approximately 3×6 inches
  • Up to five lines of engraving
  • Free Engraving


Fantasy Sports Trophies wins largest contract in company history

I’m proud to announce that Fantasy Sports Trophies/ has won the largest contract in company history with Marlboro Township NJ.  The total contact is worth approximately $16,000 for 2013 with possible annual renewals for 2014 and 2015 making the potential total value of the contract $48,000.

“This is a great moment for  We’ve grown our internet-based business to become on of the strongest retailers on the net”, said Tom Harkins, President – Fantasy Sports Trophies.  “Now we are using our size to aggressively move into the regional side of the business, we plan on making bids for other large contacts in the region and beyond.”

Decapitated Fantasy Football Trophy

Looking for a great caption to this picture:

Decapitated Fantasy Football Trophy

*****Your funny caption here*******

The funniest caption posted to our facebook site by 1/4/13 will win a free fantasy football tee shirt!

Funny Fantasy Football Trophies

Lets face it, fantasy football is supposed to be fun.  That’s why we’ve always had a wide selection of funny fantasy football trophies.  From the Throne Award to the Golden Flushy we have the funny fantasy football trophy you’re looking for.

Funny Fantasy Football Trophy

Golden Flushy — Funny Fantasy Football Trophy

Golden Flushy

Standing  12-inches tall, this Fantasy Football Trophy asks the question: “Why honor just championships?”

Yon need to recognize all of the donor-owners in your league who add to the pot but never collect!

Features a multi-color resin figure on a cherry wood  base. It is a real statement to your league losers.

Fantasy Football Championship Trophy

Fantasy Football Championship Trophy

Bull Sh@* Trade AwardDid a suspicious trade cost you the fantasy football championship trophy last season? Did a pair of owners in your league have a “chummy” relationship last season? Award them the Bull Sh#$ Fantasy Football Trade Award.

  • Approximately 5 3/4-inches x  5 1/4-inches H
  • Up to five lines of engraving
  • Free Engraving